Specializations and services
Wedding photography
Photography package 1 day₹10,000 – 20,000
Pre wedding photography₹12,000 – 25,000
Album additionally₹40,000 – 1,500,000
Portfolio: Wedding photography

We have a different set of thoughts about wedding photography; we believe the moments should be enjoyable, enduring and rousing. Since trend and fashion is a matter of evolution, but the style of storytelling always remains the same. We have had an opportunity to document many weddings over the years. These stories were made with love, and happened all over India and the world. We look forward to being a part of your story! Behind Karamchand Studios stands 45 years of fine service and our adaptability stretches from print to film and our conceptual thinking sets the foundation for both. Our ability to collaborate with others is also superlative, as we thoroughly believe creative collaboration is the key to lift up an idea. While we maintain the capacity to lead all creative direction, we also preserve the propensity to be accessible and approachable.

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